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Tub chairs are an excellent way of maximizing comfort in your venue - cafe, restaurant, hotel, or otherwise. Not only are they gorgeous to look at, but they offer an excellent alternative to traditional cafe chairs or booth seating. Tub chairs provide a sense of warmth and coziness that is like no other. B Seated offers a wide range of tub chairs suitable for commercial use, which is an absolute necessity when utilizing upholstered products in high traffic venues. Our specialists will make sure you receive products which are durable and fit for use, especially if it is in a bar or high traffic restaurant. Our tub chairs are highly customizable with a wide range of fabrics, such as leather, fabric, and vinyl. The level of comfort can also be customized- do you require soft, medium, or hard pillows? Our designers will work to your budget and recommend product and fabric options to meet your requirements.

Whether you are wishing to channel a mid-century modern vibe, or a contemporary sense of minimalism, we have a great range of fabrics and colors that allow for almost complete customization, making your furniture completely unique to your business. Our core range displayed on the B Seated website is a wonderful place to start. Tub chairs, also referred to as barrel chairs or bucket chairs, are offered in a variety of styles and materials. Fabric tub chairs are our most popular style, and definitely the most diverse. Perfect for anything from a hotel lobby to a restaurant dining area. You might also consider what kind of legs you require for your dining chairs- wooden, metal, or even swivel? Each material will help convey the feeling you want to portray in your venue- timber for a classic vibe, or metal for a more contemporary edge.

If you require outdoor tub chairs, we also offer a variety of options to select from. Aluminium frame rattan tub chairs are a striking option which are popular in cafes. Parisian style rattan tub chairs are especially popular as the rattan weave colors and pattern are highly customizable. Synthetic cane and wicker tub chairs are also frequently utilized in outdoor areas, especially on hotel balconies and outdoor dining areas in restaurants.

Here at B Seated Global we love to engage with our clients and assist in the design process for our tub chairs. We can suggest Table Tops and Table Bases to accompany our commercial tub chairs, which will create the perfect dynamic for your space. If you have something particular in mind, you’ll be pleased to know that we have tub chairs to match every look and every budget. Our interior designers specialize in full venue commercial fit outs and are more than capable of recommending products which will match your tub chairs. So why not browse through our collection of indoor and outdoor tub chairs below and find that piece you’ve been looking for. Give one of our expert staff a call and let us assist you along the way.

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  1. Mali Dining Chair

  2. UNIKA Nat Chair



  5. Amaldo Arm Chair

  6. Straw Tub Chair

  7. Near Tub Chair

  8. Rico Lounge Chair

  9. Gaston Dining Chair

  10. Queenie Chair

  11. Orin Tub Chair

  12. Sawyer Dining Chair

  13. Johan Dining Chair

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Items 121-134 of 134

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Tub chairs are best for contemporary venues due to their curved shape and tight appearance. With B Seated Global’s international network of factories, the options of design and style is endless. We also offer hotel chairs, upholstered chairs, fabric chair