Bentwood Chairs


Perhaps the most iconic wooden dining chairs in the world, Bentwood Chairs exudes classic elegance. Originating from the classic design of Michael Thonet, an acclaimed German craftsman in the 19th century, the bentwood style combines traditional techniques of wood bending with the timeless shape and appeal of European furniture. The beauty of Michael Thonet’s designs lie in its versatility and classic aesthetic with our range of Bentwood Chairs

Whether you are looking for the original designs of the Model A-18 and Model A-14 or more modern designs like the Evo B-2940 and Loma A-1403, you are sure to find the perfect chair to suit your venue. Here at B Seated Global we also specialise in customising, so if you have a particular colour in mind we can bring that vision to life. If you are looking to mix and match colours or styles to suit the theme of your cafe or restaurant, we can make that happen too! The chairs in our bentwood range have customisation options, including the back and socks of the chair. This is a great way to create a look that is unique to your business! Make sure to check out some of our previous projects like Masala Kitchen, The Mill Hotel and Porteno to see how we made their custom Bentwood visions possible.

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