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Terminal chairs - most of us at some stage have either sat or slept on them. Also commonly known as Beam Seating, this seating option is used globally to utilise the maximum amount of seating in a space. Primarily found across a range of environments, from airports to hospital waiting areas, B Seated are the experts in manufacturing high quality, affordable terminal seating to meet your every need. Regardless of whether you are buying for a healthcare facility, airport terminal, corporate office, sporting venue or shopping centre, our extensive range will be able to meet whatever specifications you may have. All our beam seating is made to order allowing us to customise your product in whatever way you wish; from sizing to your choice of fabric and colour. Available in steel or aluminium, with or without arms and with multiple table options to choose from, you’re certain to have the best of both comfort and functionality.

B Seated is a proudly Australian owned company and we are devoted to providing our customers with not only the highest quality products, but also exceptional customer service and competitive wholesale prices. Contact us today for a personalised quote.

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