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The hospitality industry is notorious for being fast paced, customer focused, and high-quality. Customers come to be entertained, treated spoiled, and to have a good time. Furniture is utilised not only as a mere practicality - to provide comfortable seating and dining options - but also to create a sense of style and atmosphere. It helps to define the vibe of your venue as well as providing a unique point of difference so that your restaurant or cafe stand out among the rest. Venues in the hospitality industry come in all shapes and sizes - from quaint indoor cafes, to outdoor event venues, and industrial bars and casinos. We provide a huge range of furniture options, hospitality chairs and hospitality tables, that are designed to help establish and reinvent your venue. From outdoor rattan hospitality furniture, to indoor wooden trestle tables - we’ve got the lot! Of course, as with all of our pieces, we offer complete customisation as well as bespoke options so that your unique ideas and visions may become a reality. Choose from a variety of materials, finishes, colours, and sizes to suit your needs and specifications. Our expert team of customer service and design staff are here to make this process a breeze. Chat to one of our staff for a quote today, and browse through our most popular items below.

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  1. Bouchon-Sga Barstool

  2. Scale Chair 07

  3. Palais Tables

  4. Whitehall Side Tables

  5. Maine Nested Tables

  6. Atmos Tub Chair

  7. Rian Chair

  8. Zimmer Chair

  9. Delos Chair

  10. Karamba Armchair

  11. Bruno Armchair

  12. Papua Armchair

  13. Mercury Armchair

  14. Mesi Armchair

  15. Subang Armchair

  16. Sabang Armchair

  17. Legian Armchair

  18. Andes Dining Table

  19. Greyson Dining Table

Grid List

Items 1-24 of 1568

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