Plastic Chairs


When it comes to providing comfortable and affordable quality furniture for your cafe or restaurant, B Seated Global has a range of options to suit your business needs. Our extensive collection of plastic chairs and resin chairs are a great choice for businesses that require easy-to-move seating solutions. Not only are they comfortable and durable, but they are easy to stack and are therefore ideal for function rooms or food franchises.

But of course, we believe that just because practicality may be a priority, this doesn’t have to come at the expense of style and aesthetics. So we offer customisable options for our indoor and outdoor plastic chairs, as with the majority of our seating and dining ranges. Whether you are looking to channel the classic and minimalistic vibes of the Lux Armchair, or keep things simple and practical by opting for the Resin Folding Chair, we have the chairs that are right for you. Of course we love to engage with our clients and offer any information that you may require about our products. So give one of our expert staff a call today and have fun creating, for yourself, the perfect plastic chair for your business or venue.

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