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BSeated Global is a leading manufacturer and supplier of commerical furniture throughout Australia. Based in Sydney, we are a family run business with a range of over 3000 products including a range of cafe furniture which is locally produced or imported from Europe, Asia and the USA. We have decades of experience behind us and have successfully fitted out a variety of commercial interiors including cafes, restaurants, bars, hotels, nightclubs, resorts and even airports. Our promise to you is quality without compromise, price within budget and personal service at all times. Read more >

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How to make a Wedding Reception a party


How to make a Wedding Reception a party

Following the formalities of the wedding ceremony and after the bridal party have finished posing for the camera, everyone comes back together again for the wedding reception.  A reception is a massive party, giving everybody the chance to put on their dancing shoes and celebrate the occasion.  As such, the furniture one selects should express the joy and be perfect for all times of the night.

Dinner Chairs

Enjoying a delicious meal with friends and loved ones is one of the best highlights of any wedding. The chairs selected help set the mood, so don’t get stuck with outdated covers over ugly chairs. Our favourite new wedding trend is retro style rattan. The ultra-versatile look is perfect for the casual couple who dreams of a coastal atmosphere. Try the Yvette Paris Chairs for guests and have the bride and groom stand out with bold Peacock Chairs seated at the Hairpin Dining Table. [caption id="attachment_1796" align="aligncenter" width="736"](image) Photograph by Dang Fine Rentals & Design[/caption]


A cocktail section in a venue is a perfect mingling area for guests to meet before and after the dinner. Follow the same style throughout by using furniture pieces with similar outdoor vibes. Try the Tours Bistro Barstool for a chic compliment to the dinner furniture. To add even more interest pair with the metal Arrow Barstool to mix materials and further the tropical sunshine look. Finish off with Hairpin Table in bar height to tie together with the bride and groom’s dinner tables to add cohesion. [caption id="attachment_1792" align="aligncenter" width="564"](image) Photograph by Jose Villa[/caption]


A lounge area is a fantastic space for guest to take a rest from the dance floor.  Ottomans are highly versatile and can be used as seating or a place for guests to put their feet up.  For a soft texture use the K2 Ottoman or opt for the Gilli Stool for a rustic charm. The Silas Settee and Sillon Rattan Natural Chair paired with colourful cushions gives chic yet playful appearance.  For the finishing touch, add the Islander Coffee Table to serve as the centrepiece of the space and offer guests somewhere to set down drinks. [caption id="attachment_1793" align="aligncenter" width="563"](image) Photograph by Jose Villa[/caption]

Is your business looking for wedding reception furniture?

B Seated are the experts in wedding furniture and understand how important it is to get it right.  See our website for our extensive range or contact us today to discuss how we can cater to your company or venue’s individual needs.

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Say goodbye to ugly Wedding Ceremony Chairs


Say goodbye to ugly Wedding Ceremony Chairs

Wedding ceremonies are as unique as the bride and groom. Wedding ceremony chairs are used for these joyous occasions should represent the couple’s individuality and there is no greater way of showcasing style at a ceremony than guest chairs. Gone are the days of ugly out-dated banquet chairs and in are chairs that set the atmosphere. Looking for wedding furniture inspiration? Look no further!

Furniture Trends:

Tropical Bohemian

Weddings no longer have to be on the beach to exude those beachy vibes brides long for. Any location can transform into a tropical paradise with the right wedding ceremony chairs. A prime example is the Director Folding Chairs. The chairs are the perfect mix of old school glamour and summer ambiance. And they manage to be as practical as they are stylish, since they fold it makes for easy transportation and quick set up. [caption id="attachment_1782" align="aligncenter" width="840"](image) Photograph by Travis and Maike McNeill[/caption]

Countryside Rustic

Rustic style weddings have dominated the industry the last few years they’re still rising in popularity. If you’re after a chair to embody that rustic, down to earth atmosphere then look no further than the Timber Cross Backs. They’re simple in shape but they make a bold impact in a space. If you want even more impact, try mixing the cross backs with other timber style chairs to achieve an eclectic look. The best thing about rustic weddings is there’s no real rules to follow, so you’re free to do whatever you like best. [caption id="attachment_1780" align="aligncenter" width="872"](image) Photograph by E.P. Love[/caption]

Romantic Elegance

Weddings embody romance and elegant décor compliments this perfectly. No furniture better suits a picturesque backdrop than French Provincial wedding ceremony chairs. Mixing different pieces like the Rene Chair with the Janice Lounge and Gabriel Armchair give dimension to a venue and make the ceremony appear straight from a fairy-tale scene. An added benefit is the lush upholstery make guests as comfortable as possible as they watch the vows exchange. [caption id="attachment_1779" align="aligncenter" width="564"](image) Photograph by Sylvie Gil[/caption] Are you looking for the perfect wedding furniture for your business? At B Seated, we love to be a part of people’s special day and we know how important it is to get it just right. So contact us today for your company or venue to have the perfect furniture to suit every style.

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Commercial Furniture Specialists


BSeated Global is a leading manufacturer and supplier of commerical furniture throughout Australia. Read more >


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