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BSeated Global is a leading manufacturer and supplier of commerical furniture throughout Australia. Based in Sydney, we are a family run business with a range of over 3000 products including a range of cafe furniture which is locally produced or imported from Europe, Asia and the USA. We have decades of experience behind us and have successfully fitted out a variety of commercial interiors including cafes, restaurants, bars, hotels, nightclubs, resorts and even airports. Our promise to you is quality without compromise, price within budget and personal service at all times. Read more >

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5 Venues to make you rethink Bentwood Chairs


5 Venues to make you rethink Bentwood Chairs

Since the creation of Michael Thonet’s company in 1819, Bentwood chairs have dominated the hospitality industry. And there’s a good reason Bentwood chairs are some of the most widely used chairs in the world. The chairs combine durability with style and blend into any atmosphere effortlessly. Below are some of our favourite Bentwood pairings from local projects we’ve done to inspirational venues around the world.

Our favourites:

[gallery size="full" type="slideshow" ids="1768,1764,1766,1767,1765"]


Porteño married old-school charm and elegance in their restaurant. By using the Bentwood B-165 and matching BST-165 barstools in black it unifies the space. Finished off with wine coloured cushions it adds comfort and a pop of colour.

Au Fudge

Celebrity turn restauranteur, Jessica Biel, helped open Au Fudge in West Hollywood, California. The shabby-chic restaurant uses Bentwood B-9’s in black with gingham print cushions next to their market section. Combining the gingham pattern and natural timber displays exude a cozy and down-home farm aura that invites guests in.

Masala Kitchen

Brad Ward Design used vibrant sunshine colours to make a big statement with their Bentwood Chairs at Masala Kitchen. Combining lively blue, pink and orange in their A-18 chairsBST-18’s barstools and Beville T-9739’s stools. They created an eye-catching restaurant that emits happy vibes.

The Mill Hotel

The Mill Hotel worked with Bergstrom Architects to design a massive face-lift for their hotel. From the ultra-modern carpet to exposed brick, every square meter was of this build was meticulous. Designing their Bentwood A-5910’s in a custom paint job compliments the décor and adds another layer of interest.

Elizabeth Street Café

Elizabeth Street Café is in the heart of Austin, Texas and is a gateway to a 1950’s American diner. The striking blue Bentwood B-9’s with cane seats against the monochromatic tile floor make a bold statement. While the simple lines of the B-9 chair don’t conflict with the mixed patterns in the room.
Ready to use Bentwood Chairs in your next project?
BSeated Global has been providing customers with authentic Bentwood chairs for over 20 years. Whether your interested in custom colours or custom fabric like the projects above, we can meet your needs. Look through our Bentwood Chair Section and contact us today for a quote!

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How to design Hotels to be timeless


How to design Hotels to be timeless

Hotels are the cornerstone of venue design. Since updating hotels can be extensive and costly, the furniture needs to stand the test of time in terms of both durability and style. However, this is of course much easier said than done. It can be easy for hoteliers to become overwhelmed as they fall down the rabbit hole of design. So if you are looking for some inspiration for your next fit-out, you need look no further. We have created a shortlist below of some of our favourite projects as well as the latest industry trends.

Inspirational Projects:

Over the years BSeated has had the opportunity to work with incredible designers and have taken on numerous hotel fitouts. With some of Australia’s most well respected hotels as loyal clients, we have built a reputation for creating amazing spaces that guests love. We worked alongside Travelodge to create custom lounges, chairs, and ottomans to form an inviting common area. Rydges Sydney Central Hotel used our Timber Cross Backs paired with custom dining and bar tables to create a timeless dining space. And we were lucky enough to work with Sails Resort on multiple sections. They paired our Air Chairs and sunlounges by their luxury Poolside. Then used the Hubbie Lounges and Olso Armchairs within the rooms to ensure their guests were comfortable anywhere.

Latest Trend:

Our favourite hotel trend on the rise is rattan furniture. It’s a bohemian nod to the 70’s that adds a beachy feel to even the most landlocked venues. When paired with tropical pillows and sheepskin rugs for added comfort, it beckons guests to unwind with a book and an iced cocktail. See below for some of the best applications of rattan from around the world. [caption id="attachment_1751" align="aligncenter" width="840"](image) Eugène Eugène in Puteaux, France[/caption] If your inspired by Eugène Eugène Restaurant, try our Marcio Settee or Bang Settee. [caption id="attachment_1752" align="aligncenter" width="768"](image) Cotton House Hotel in Barcelona, Spain[/caption] Cotton House Hotel uses chairs similar to our Komune Chair and Sillon Mimbre Chair.

After more ideas? Book an appointment with us and get creative!

If you don’t find what your looking for in our exensive Rattan Furniture range or Hotel Furniture section, we can work with you to build your dream. Give us a toll free call at 1300 727 637 or email today at [email protected] and we'll get the ball rolling.  

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Commercial Furniture Specialists


BSeated Global is a leading manufacturer and supplier of commerical furniture throughout Australia. Read more >


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