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Aluminium Outdoor Chairs are becoming increasingly popular amongst cafe and venue owners and they realise the benefits of just how practical and straightforward they are as furniture and seating options.


Aluminium outdoor furniture is lightweight, easy to clean, stylish, and long lasting. What more do you need from a chair? We offer a wide range of aluminium furniture that can be used to create a variety of environments in different aesthetic styles. Our Charisma Chair is a crowd favourite, especially because of its on-trend copper hue that really draws out an industrial chic vibe. The Tiffany Aluminium Chair is perfect for hotels, restaurants, and functions rooms, and may be easily stacked and transported. Of course, our range of wired chairs, like the Pamela Wire Chair or the Carmen Chair, are absolutely stunning and are best suited to vibrant colours that create a bright and fun dining atmosphere. These are perfect options for franchises and take-away kiosks that are designed to grab customers’ attention and draw them in. Whatever your furniture needs, our expert team are happy to assist in the process. Explore our range below and find out which one suits you the best, or give us a call for some product and styling advice.

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Items 1 - 24 of 58