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Outdoor chairs are an integral but frequently overlooked part of outdoor spaces in cafes and restaurants. Commercial furniture must be hard-wearing and fit for purpose, and outdoor furniture especially so. B Seated offers a wide range of outdoor chairs, tables, lounge chairs, and rattan chairs suitable for outdoor use which will survive the elements. Do not overlook this vital space. As a venue, cafe, or restaurant owner, you want to maximize your outdoor space to create a variety of atmospheres for your guests to wine and dine in.

Our rope weave chairs are a popular option and can be seen in venues across America. You do not need to sacrifice style for your outdoor area- our range has elegant chairs suitable for a range of budgets. Our chairs have been crafted using weather resistant materials that will increase the durability and longevity of your furniture. Importantly, many of our outdoor chairs can stack to allow for easy transportation and storage. If you require a full outdoor fit-out we can also provide outdoor bar stools, table tops, and table bases.

Our specialization is custom furniture crafted to your specifications, therefore, if you cannot find something on our website, we can create the perfect piece for you. If you have a particular color in mind, we can bring that reality to life. If you are looking to mix and match colors to suit the theme of your bar or hotel patio, we can make that happen too! We are also able to customize certain weaves, particularly the rattan pattern and colors for our Parisian chairs. Aluminium frame Parisian chairs are a timeless outdoor option as they are both highly functional and eye-catching. Another classic option are wicker outdoor chairs which are perfect for hotel balconies and outdoor settings at restaurants. We can also provide matching custom lounges and tables to complete the look. B Seated has manufactured a range of unique custom outdoor chairs, such as custom hanging chairs. If you require outdoor chairs on a budget our plastic chairs are a wonderful option while still being modern and high quality. These chairs are perfect for outdoor cafe settings as they are light weight, and many are stackable.

Wooden chairs typically are not suitable for outdoor use, however B Seated can guide you in the selection of wooden chairs which can go outdoors. It is essential that wooden outdoor chairs are made of teak timber, and that they have a slatted seat and back. This is to prevent warping and other issues which arise from being exposed to the elements. Alternatively, the Bentwood factory Paged has developed the unique WRB technology which is a coating for their wooden chairs that allows them to be suitable for outdoor use. If you would like more information on this please get in contact. Our interior design experts are more than happy to get you a quote or help you learn more about our outdoor chairs. We are always eager to assist restaurant owners and designers in choosing the pieces that are right for you.

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