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Restaurant Chairs & Restaurant Dining Chairs

At BSeated Global, we offer a large range of customisable restaurant chairs to suit your venue and needs. Patrons will love sitting on your comfortable restaurant furniture in the peak of a summer afternoon or evening. The chairs you choose is such a significant element of cafe dining and can have a large impact of the comfortability of your customers as well as the overall look and feel of your restaurant. Bseated stocks a variety of restaurant chairs online, ranging from the most minimal in design, to those with a brighter and bolder aesthetic.

Picture your guests sitting on your chairs enjoying their dishes and their time at your restauant. From chairs to tables, we have exactly what you’ve been searching for. Bseated has all the right pieces that will match the aesthetic you’ve been striving for in your new restaurant fit out. Our chairs are not only affordable, but they’re practical as well, with styles to fit your every need. We have the décor to suit the dynamic of your new restaurant and offer bespoke services to tailor almost any restaurant chair to your specifications.

BSeated Global does not only offer stylish furniture, we offer furniture that will fit any and every budget. We realise that staying on budget is extremely important for business owners, which is why we offer a wide selection to choose from. Never worry about finding high quality design and comfortable pieces again. With BSeated Global, you can get the best of both worlds without compromising quality. You can rest assured that our pieces will last for many years, a fact that will further your ROI. We can’t wait for you to start shopping so you can see for yourself all the lovely chairs we have to offer. Browse through our range below for our most popular restaurant chairs and contact us for a quote today.

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  1. Tortuga Chair

  2. Bentwood Model A-9907

  3. Uniq Standard Chair

  4. Dazz Leather Chair

  5. Bond Weaved Chair

  6. Orvillel Chair

  7. Agnes Chair

  8. Dolphin Lounge Chair

  9. Orso Chair

  10. Vetro Fabric Chair

  11. Pitch Chair

  12. Hype Dining Chair

  13. Flare Leather Chair

  14. Amaya Armchair

  15. Amaya Lounge Chair

  16. Albini Lounge Chair

  17. Daisy Stackable Chair

  18. Daisy Arm Chair

  19. Mali Dining Chair

  20. Bentwood Model A-372


  22. Rose Chair

Grid List

Items 1-24 of 759

Set Descending Direction