Table Tops


Every pot has its lid and every table has a table top. We offer our clients that are looking for their perfect café furniture a unique option; you can pick your own table tops to be installed on the table base you have selected from our range here at B Seated Global. If you’ve had a look at our selection of table bases then you’ll know that we cater for all different styles and shapes for a variety of different venues.

Our range of table tops online is no different! We offer round, rectangular or square tables tops and have a variety of different materials that you can choose from - timber, laminate or wezalit. We also accept custom orders, as with all our products, so that you can achieve the exact look and design that you’re after. We believe that the key to creating an atmosphere in your cafe, restaurant, and venue begins with the furniture. All it take is clever decision making, great product, and a little creativity to create an environment that your customers will no doubt enjoy. Our team of expert staff would love to help you along the way and assist you with any information that you may require. Why not browse through our range of table tops below and give us a call.

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Items 1 - 24 of 56