Italian Furniture


Inspired by mid century modern design and traditional Italian styles, our range of Italian cafe chairs and modern Italian furniture are incredibly popular amongst cafe and restaurant owners who wish to channel this classic, European aesthetic. Our Italian furniture pieces are all designed and made in Italy, making the process from design, to construction and delivery, utterly seamless.

Catering for the classic Italian restaurant, our Trattoria Folding Chairs are perfect for the transition from indoors to outdoors and instantly create a family-friendly dining atmosphere. For a more upper-market dining venue, the Opera Boheme Lounge and Single Chair pair well with the Roma Italian Trattoria Chair and instantly create an exciting and timeless appearance for your growing business. These chairs not only look fantastic, but the iconic shape of the back rests offer supreme comfort and support whilst adding that touch of sophistication to your venue. All of our Italian design furniture can be customised to your needs and specifications. Choose from a variety of styles, colours and finishes to achieve the perfect looks for your venue. Browse through our most popular styles below and give one of our expert staff a call today! We are always eager to help growing businesses achieve the furniture look and style that they desire.

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Items 97 - 120 of 161