Illuminated Glow Bar Furniture

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If you are looking for an eye catching statement for a special event, or just need a new idea for your club or venue, then you need to have a look at our illuminated glow bar furniture. Just imagine how thrilled your guests will be when you set up your bar chairs and bar tables in amazing patterns and shapes that make the entire space just that bit more exciting. Out illuminated furniture and chargeable wireless lighting are incredibly high quality and have the ability to reinvent the average room. There’s no greater way to transform the look of your venue than to invite some interesting and unique lighting into the space. Our LED furniture comes in many shapes and sizes including chairs, tables, stools, bulbs, lamps and even flower pots. Our Baba Glow Chairs are a customer favourite and are particularly ideal for outdoor venues and backyard parties. The Illuminated Glow Poles and Bulbs are another great option for sophisticated events and functions and add a touch of elegance to any atmosphere. Our team of expert staff would love to help you along the way and assist you with any information that you may require. Why not browse through our range of illuminated furniture below and give us a call for a quote today.

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