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French Provincial Chairs

French Provincial Furniture & French Provincial Chairs

If you are looking to create a regal and classic appearance for your cafe, restaurant, or event venue, then you can’t go past our extensive range of gorgeous french provincial furniture. Signature to the french provincial aesthetic, the focus is on curved lines and patterned fabrics that take you back to a simpler time, when socialising and entertaining guests were predominant pastimes and the furniture was designed specifically to compliment such activity. We also offer french provincial chairs that channel a more contemporary and minimal look, with classic colours and shades that are sure to go with everything. Yet, as with all of our pieces, our french furniture and chairs are completely customisable and can be tailored to your unique hospitality environment. True to the classic french style, our range includes a number of luxurious chairs, lounges, and ottomans that are simply perfect for hotel-type venues and will most definitely impress the guests. The Antoinette French Provincial Lounge is a customer favourite and ideal for the relaxed cafe or restaurant, as well as the classic cruise or casino bar environment. Pair it with the Juliette Chair and you’re on your way! So why not browse through our collection of french provincial chairs below and find that piece you’ve been looking for. Give one of our expert staff a call and let us assist you along the way.


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French provincial chairs are the ideal hotel furniture. Depending on the interior of your hotel you can choose your hotel chairs from many different types of styles. As with the majority of our commercial chairs you have the option to tailor to your needs. Our French provincial chairs are mostly hand-carved out of oak and are available in the following colours: white, weathered, burnt oak, brown and black. You also have the option of leather or fabric upholstery.


French Provincial Chairs: elegant, classic designs

Also known as “berger” chairs French provincial chairs were first brought to prominence in France in the 18th century. The style of the chair is based on intricate designs that were popular in Paris at the time. They are made of wood, have an upholstered seat, arms and back, and are usually fairly simple in appearance, although many have carvings built into them. The upholstery usually covers padding on the back of the chair as well as the arms and seat. Due to the design aesthetic and quality, all you need is one well placed chair and it will instantly give the room elegance and class. 


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