Stacking Chairs


B Seated Global offers a range of modern stackable chairs that will be a perfect and practical addition to your dining environment. Say farewell to those unsightly white plastic chairs stacked up in the corner and opt for a more sophisticated and exciting alternative. Our stackable chairs sydney range comes in a variety of contemporary colours and styles that can be used for both indoor and outdoor venues.

Although the majority of our stacking chairs and stackable stool are made from plastic, as a light-weight and durable material, we also stock a range of bentwood, Parisian, and fabric chairs that can be easily stacked and transported. For a minimalist and industrial vibe, check out our Ola chairs and stools below. Or for a more colourful and vibrant aesthetic, the Air chair, Revival Chair, or the Pamela Wire Range is sure to impress. As with all our online products, the stackable range is customisable and can be ordered in colours and sizes unique to your specifications. So why not browse through our collection of indoor and outdoor stacking chairs below and find that piece you’ve been looking for. Give one of our expert staff a call and let us assist you along the way.

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Items 73 - 96 of 235