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We’re bent on bentwoods!

thonet bseated

Who wouldn’t be?

Thonet is the master of bent wood furniture and has created an iconic design that has sprung up all over the contemporary hospitality scene. But behind this go-to-cafe-chair is a history and practice that defines the Thonet brand.

The skill of bending wood had been practiced by the Greeks and the Egyptians long before it became a part of a process that produced chairs on a mass scale.  They did so by boiling and steaming the wood, or directly exposing it to the fire. Thonet replicated this practice with the intention of creating high quality furniture and supplying it to the masses at an inexpensive price.

If bending laminated veneers doesn’t sound hard enough, try to imagine bending solid wood without the outer layer splitting! Thonet did just that. Being the genius he was, Thonet altered the physics of the material by adding a metal strip to outer curve, allowing the wood to bend and stretch.bseated thonet

He often created bent wood spirals to demonstrate the extent of wood manipulation and the endless possibilities of chair shapes and designs.

The most noted, innovative Thonet design is The Demonstration Chair, released in 1867. This piece seems as though it is constructed from one continuous length of wood and
twisted into a celtic inspired shape. Although this is every craftsmen’s dream – to create a chair from a single piece of wood – The Demonstration Chair is an assemblage of multiple bent wood pieces.

We are crazy about bent wood furniture here at BSeated! We love the elegance of the design and believe that the timeless shape would suit almost any space. However, if you would prefer something a little more unique, we offer Bentwood chairs with customisable options of different colours, socks, backrests and shapes. Check out some of our projects where the chairs do all the talking!