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5 Indoor Plants for your Cafe

There’s no better way to welcome the warmth and freshness of Spring to your cafe or restaurant than incorporating indoor plants into your dining environment. But choosing indoor plants for your venue may present as a challenging task. Of course, they look gorgeous in photos, but how will I care for them? Will they survive the conditions of a fast-paced business? Is there a certain sort of plant that I should be looking for? All valid questions for you’re average green-thumbed restauranteur. So we’ve done a little research for you and put together a quick guide to indoor plants for the home or the cafe. The truth is, the perfect ‘indoor plant’ simply doesn’t exist. What you should be looking for are plants that are able to withstand certain indoor-typical environments and conditions, making for a more healthy and nature-filled atmosphere. There is a common myth conception that ‘indoor plants’ are essentially low-maintenance and require minimal attention. Put simply, this is wrong. The plants that we’ve listed below are able to withstand varying temperatures, that is, they are able …

bohemian style bseated

Bohemian vibes for your interiors

Think crochet and lace, leather goods, trinkets, gems, and oodles of indigo. Bohemian decor is an iconic trademark of 2016 and can be incorporated into your retail space, cafe, restaurant, or home. The beauty of bohemian decor lies in the attention to detail and the love of texture and individual pieces that hold a unique story. Hailing from places like Mexico, North and South America, as well as Turkey and India, bohemian detailing comes in many styles — from the hippi-est of hippy, to the soft and rustic elements of Scandinavian design. Let’s head to India… …where culture is rich and colour is plentiful. Incorporating an Indian-inspired bohemian look to your interior space involves much less effort than what you may initially think. Opt for accent colours like red and orange by adding a simple cloth garland to your room, not as a feature, but rather as a slight adornment that will catch the light and brighten up the space. Beaded features like wall hangings or door tassels will also bring a touch of colour …

miami design

Miami Style Dining and Seating

Miami, USA, is a design and style haven! We often get requests for Miami-inspired furniture pieces to create a specific look to the client’s bar, restaurant, or hotel. This look is an interesting blend of modern coastal and sophistication. Clean lines and neutral colours are embraced, but not without the added highlight of bright colours and interest shapes. Metals are also utilised in contrast with beach timbers. This look is all about the contrast. Each piece is to stand out individually yet come together in a perfect image of contemporary interior design. There is a lot of inspiration that can be gathered by exploring commercial and residential spaces, so we like to stay well acquainted with some of the best hot-spots in Miami that might just be the inspiration you are looking for! Have a read through the following list of our favourite five Miami Hotels: // 1 : Sense Beach House // 2 : The Surfcomber // 3 : Villa Italia Hotel // 4 : Sagamore // 5 : The Setai coastal luxe bseated

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Scandi Style Interiors

What is most captivating about Scandinavian style is the effortless sophistication that it automatically creates. It’s cool and airy whilst being incredibly homely at the same time. The key to this trend in interior decorating is the range of neutral tones that are used and contrasted with distinct textures. At the heart of scandi style is pure simplicity. Spaces are minimal rather than cluttered and the design is pared back rather than being overly intricate. Cement and tiles are often used as a base for the interiors. Wooden furniture is a must, especially when it is combined with wire and metal. Another characteristic of scandi style is the bringing of the outdoors, in! Leafage is kept to a minimum – the focus is rather on the rough texture of bark and branches. This is what gives the space such an icy and wintery feel. Ceramic decoratives are perfect on display in a scandi styled home. They draw attention to the importance of detail and artisan craftsmanship, giving a more unique story to your living space. …