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What is most captivating about Scandinavian style is the effortless sophistication that it automatically creates. It’s cool and airy whilst being incredibly homely at the same time. The key to this trend in interior decorating is the range of neutral tones that are used and contrasted with distinct textures.

At the heart of scandi style is pure simplicity.

Spaces are minimal rather than cluttered and the design is pared back rather than being overly intricate. Cement and tiles are often used as a base for the interiors. Wooden furniture is a must, especially when it is combined with wire and metal.

Another characteristic of scandi style is the bringing of the outdoors, in! Leafage is kept to a minimum – the focus is rather on the rough texture of bark and branches. This is what gives the space such an icy and wintery feel.

Ceramic decoratives are perfect on display in a scandi styled home. They draw attention to the importance of detail and artisan craftsmanship, giving a more unique story to your living space. This trend is not to look as though it has been just thrown together. Each piece should connect to the next and carry fine details that offset the overall simplicity and minimalism of the space.

Woollen knits and fur are great additions of texture and work well as chair or wall adornments. Here are some inspirational Instagram pics…


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We adore the simple spaces and the finer details of Scandinavian style. Listed below are some pieces here at BSeated, such as our bentwood chairs and communal tables that we recommend if you are looking to furnish your space with a scandi feel.