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Pantone Colour of the Year 2018, Ultra Violet, has us seeing stars

Ultra Violet 2 100%

A moment that defines a design year, 2018’s Pantone Colour of the Year is as unexpected as it is provocative. Ultra Violet, or Pantone 18-3838, is a complex, symbolic shade which suggests the vastness of the cosmos and the desire to explore it. Veering towards a cooler shade, it’s reminiscent of musical icons, and a spiritual power which inspires connection.

Pantone Selection Process

So how does Pantone choose the colour soon to be splashing across runways and upon walls everywhere? Like every good innovation, the Colour of the Year is subject to thorough testing.  Pantone assembles a group of the world’s best to find out how people throughout multiple industries are using colour.

They travel around the world to the meccas of global fashion, finding hottest colour trends taking both the runway and the street by storm.  Looking at the latest that Hollywood has to offer, they analyse the colours and effects being used.  Interestingly however, the automotive industry plays perhaps the most vital role in Pantone’s assessment.  This is because auto manufacturers are at the forefront of colour creation technology, light-years ahead of everybody else.

The panel’s efforts culminate in a secret two-day meeting in which they discuss their findings.  Ultimately selecting a colour that resonates not only with them, but the world.

Design Inspiration

Expect a year filed with Ultra Violet and the wonder it expresses. Since the colour is a mix of blue and red it’s easy pairing with other hues. Coupled with metallic such as silver or gold it becomes lushly glamorous, and with green or blue it leads to a jewel toned sophistication. However the most anticipated pairing with Ultra Violet is texture, velvets and concrete make an ideal match with the hue.

For an inspiring design concept, look no further than the Glade Restaurant at Sketch, located in downtown London. After extensive renovating, the exclusive 32-seat restaurant now features incredible hand painted murals and custom carpeting. Touches of rich purple make it appear as an ethereal ‘Alice and Wonderland’ illustration is coming to life.

Glade Restaurant Ultra Violet

Glade Restaurant Pantone Ultra Violet

Photography by Simon Brown

Designing with Ultra Violet

The majority of our diverse furniture range is completely custom made, ready to be adorned with beautiful Ultra Violet. View our Restaurant Furniture or Cafe Chairs if you fancy something stunning for your venue. We also recommend Ultra Violet on custom Bentwood Chair designs. Our interior designers are ready to work with you to find complementary colours which suit the provocative shade.