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Miami, USA, is a design and style haven!

We often get requests for Miami-inspired furniture pieces to create a specific look to the client’s bar, restaurant, or hotel. This look is an interesting blend of modern coastal and sophistication. Clean lines and neutral colours are embraced, but not without the added highlight of bright colours and interest shapes. Metals are also utilised in contrast with beach timbers.

This look is all about the contrast. Each piece is to stand out individually yet come together in a perfect image of contemporary interior design. There is a lot of inspiration that can be gathered by exploring commercial and residential spaces, so we like to stay well acquainted with some of the best hot-spots in Miami that might just be the inspiration you are looking for! Have a read through the following list of our favourite five Miami Hotels:

// 1 : Sense Beach House

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// 2 : The Surfcomber

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// 3 : Villa Italia Hotel

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// 4 : Sagamore

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// 5 : The Setai

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