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Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Bar Stool

bar stool

Creating and finding the perfect bar stool for your venue is a big task. There are many aspects to take into account when finding your perfect stool. At BSeated we think we have mastered the art of finding that perfect bar stool

Below are Hints and Tips for you to find the bar stool that will stand the test of time.

Choosing Bar Stool Height 

Bar stools vary in height and therefore it is important to understand what size suits your space. Importantly, stool heights are measured from the floor to the seat and not the backrest.

There are three bar stool size categories: residential kitchen counter bar stool height, commercial bar stool height, and low stools.

Residential Kitchen Counter Bar Stool Height
Most kitchen bench tops are 95 cm high. We recommend the seat height of your bar stool or counter stool be 65 cm high. You will have the perfect amount of space to comfortably cross your legs under the kitchen bench.

Commercial Bar Stool Height
The bar height in your cafe, restaurant, pub, hotel, or other commercial venues will commonly be 105 cm. We recommend the seat height of your bar stool be 75 cm. Low stools are also recommended to be 45 cm.

Rule of Thumb for Bar Stool Heights
The rule of thumb to always have the perfect bar stool height is to give 30 cm between the top of the bar stool seat height and the bottom of your bench.  For example, if the top of your table is 105cm, using the rule of thumb your seat height will be 75 cm. This rule can also be applied to shorter bar tables to accommodate height.

Choosing The Right Style


Bentwood bar stools are a timeless classic that is very popular in many establishments as they are instantly recognizable and iconic. With the use of beautiful timber stains you can choose a walnut, white wash or coloured pantone colour for a bit of fun on a classic design. Examples of classic barstools are our Bst-18 Bar Stool and the Beville Bar Stool which doesn’t have a back but features that classic bentwood design. BSeated projects that have used the bentwood bar stools include Collins Square, Sarita’s at the Rocksia and Gregory Hills Hotel


Many venues have adopted this style over the last 5 years, it was hugely influenced by bars in New York and the trendy new Brooklyn area where aged metals and leathers were used to give bar stools a vintage approach. In heavy usage pubs and bars, industrial bar stools are recommended as they are heavier, more robust and durable. We customise a large range of industrial bar stools with the options of different plywoods combined with gunmetal and copper frames. Our Sea Salt Bar Stools are great examples of this industrial style. BSeated projects that have used industrial barstools include The Bayview Hotel and Walt & Burley.


Scandinavian design are a simple, minimal and functional look that emerged in the 1950’s in Nordic countries. This style is perfect for people that are after simplistic clean lines and minimal colours. Contemporary bar stools are made of light blonde timbers with simple angles, low backs and upholstered seat pads. Some examples of contemporary bar stools are the Triangle Bentwood Bar Stool and The Ola Bar Stool

Parisian Rattan

Inspired by the streets of France, Parisian style is extremely popular within the hospitality industry because it creates an instant atmosphere of warmth and fun. With the material as rattan, the simple yet elegant designs lend them to be easily placed in homes as well as commercial settings

Other things to consider:

Thickness of Upholstered Seat Pad
Before determining the thickness of the seat pad, you must remember that the seat padding will always sink down once sat on. Commonly, the thickness of seat pads are 3 cm. If the height of your counter is 105 cm, the bar stool seat height will be 75 cm and your thickness would be 3 cm adding up to 78 cm.

What type of floors are the stools going on?
If you have timber floor boards or polished concrete, we recommended that you use a felt covered nylon stopper as this protects the floors from any damage. For carpets, you can’t go wrong with a simple nylon stopper.

Wood, metal or plastic?
Pub furniture is often made out of wood or metal but we also offer some styles in plastic. Our bar stools can be customized with armrests, without backs and with or without padding on the seat. We also offer a range of extra tall and extra short bar stools.

You will find what you are looking for
As you can see, we offer many options and will guarantee to find a style to match your decor perfectly. BSeated Global specialise in bespoke commercial furniture solutions. We can tailor to almost any piece of furniture to your specific requirements. Feel free to get in touch with our experts!