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Colour Blocking for the Minimalist

colour blocking ceramics

Neutral colour blocking has been a rising trend of 2015. Applying this to Bentwood design will transform colour minimalism from a trend into a classic look that will last for years.

Bentwood Chairs are a staple in the hospitality industry. They are timelessly classic and they
can create both a minimal yet rustic look. Yet for this reason, bentwoods are extremely popular when it comes to restaurant decor; the go-to cafe chair. Those who are looking for a particularly individual style for their bentwoods would be pleased to know that here at B Seated, we offer bentwood custom customisation in the full range of pantone colours for our bentwood chairs and various wood stains! We can also arrange different sock colours for your bentwoods and embossed seat options.

Simplicity has taken centre stage of all forms of design, fashion, interior, and product, and organic temperatures have somewhat surpassed bright ones. Here’s some natural and organic colour blocking inspiration:

Check out this video for information about our full range of Bentwoods, from cafe and restaurant chairs to stools for the shops that offer a ‘quick-coffee’ alternative.