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A Gift Wishlist in Oxblood

bseated // oxblood

As we move from summer towards the cool winds of autumn, the broody colour OXBLOOD rises to prominence. It is not just a night-time colour! You can easily add a touch of oxblood to any gift idea for a sense of elegance and sophistication. We have developed a short guide to gift giving with an oxblood theme that matches our bentwood chairs range. This list hones in on the ways you can invite a little burgundy to your home, handbag, and wardrobe.

// 1 : Oxblood Oxfords (now that’s a tongue twister) by Feit. These classy oxfords mimic that of an old-fashioned gentleman’s choice of footwear. Made from state of the art materials, these designer shoes are an investment piece that will surely bring a smile to any face.

//2 : Artwork from the Disappearing Series by Kuocheng Liao. How beautiful! I love the simplicity of this illustration and how it could easily slip into your living room as a featured piece of artwork. With elements of subtle yet evocative design, this piece by Liao provides a perfect solution to your ‘burgundy-accessorising’ needs.

// 3 : Red Plush Cushions by Pier 1: Again, these cushions are a great way to add a touch of oxblood to your living space. Paired best with neutral shades for that added ‘pop’ of colour.

// 4 : Anchor Bracelet by Miansai. As far as male accessories go, this elegant design trumps all others. I am a huge fan of anything nautical, but this quality burgundy leather creates a uniquely masculine spin on the ‘I-just-got-off-a-yacht’ aesthetic. Handcrafted in USA, this bracelet is one of many of the Miansai brand, which started as a small business in Miami back in 2008.

// 5 : Eyeglasses by Cole Haan. Yes, you’re right. Glasses are not the easiest gift to give someone. There’s shape, prescription lenses, size, and colour to consider. Well at least with these beauties you won’t have the latter to worry about.

// 6 : Lip Pigment by Milk Makeup. I guess I saved the best for last. Milk Makeup is definitely trending, particularly in the USA, but has recently become a secret beauty in the Australian cosmetics scene. This vibrant lip pigment is not only easy to apply and travel with, but the natural oil ingredients really work to create a natural shine.