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Your Guide to Custom Banquette Seating


Bseated Global have put together a guide of things you need to know when having custom banquette seating made. It can be a little overwhelming to achieve a perfect balance between functionality, style, and comfort. Stress no longer! We have manufactured and supplied completely custom-made commercial grade booth and banquette seating for years. This guide will walk you through our process to achieve your beautiful new booth seating.

Use & Style

Banquette seating in the hospitality industry comes in all shapes and sizes. It is key that you determine what its purpose will be. The beauty of booth seating is that it maximises space and can be a beautiful focal point. Is your seating for eating in a restaurant? Do you need it to be mobile if the room changes? Is it seating for relaxation, or specifically an aesthetic piece? Do you need to accommodate certain patrons, such as the elderly or children?

This context of use will inform your style. Are you looking for banquette seating for a cosy rustic restaurant or a modern hospitality space? Does your surrounding furniture call for a minimalist booth? Know your use and style to inform the rest of your decisions. Bseated can provide design and functionality recommendations according to your venue and assist with any style questions you may have.


Knowing the size of your space is vital. Carefully consider where the seating will go relative to your other furniture, and always remember to allow for some breathing room. A scaled plan drawing is ideal. If measurements are an issue, Bseated offers site measurement services. With the proper measurements we are able to ensure that your custom banquette seating will fit perfectly. To help you visualise your space with its new custom seating we also provide shop drawings and CAD drawings where necessary.


Bseated offer an incredible range of upholstery options for custom banquette seating. The three main upholstery categories are fabric, leather, and vinyl.

The most cost effective upholstery option is fabric.
 It has the largest range of colours, textures, and patterns. There are commercial options to slow down wear. Choose fabrics with 44,000+ rubs (A Martindale test which measures the durability of fabric) which are suitable for heavy duty commercial use. Bseated can help guide your decision as to the quality of fabric you require.

High quality leather is another fantastic option. It is easy to clean, long-lasting, and ages more gracefully. However, the price point of leather is higher. Vinyl is a wonderful middle ground as it is cost effective, durable, and easy to clean. Vinyl comes in a wide range of styles, from realistic leather to a fabric look, and come in commercial grade rub ratings. Bseated also have an extensive range of aged vinyls which are very popular. We can offer recommendations according to your budget, venue, and style.

Comfort & Material

Bseated will ensure that your desired banquette seating comfort levels are met through the depth of the seat. Comfort is also determined by the foam, suspension, and frame. Do you want soft or hard banquette seating for a relaxing or corporate setting? Importantly, we always apply material reinforcements to make the structural integrity sturdy for commercial use.

Finally, the base of your banquette seating is both a functional and aesthetic choice. It could be a range of materials, including metal or timber legs or frame, laminate, and mirror. Laminate is the most functional, and natural timber veneers give a luxurious finish.

Please Be Seated

The purpose of this guide is to break down all the steps required for custom banquette seating into something easily digestible. Or if you’re looking for a professional experience, Bseated are very familiar with this process and we’ll work together to bring your custom booth seating to life.

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